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Meditating on Impermanence

Once a devotee offered a length of cloth to his spiritual teacher and begged him for his enlightened teachings, the teacher did not respond. But this student insisted again and again, and finally, the teacher took the man's hands in his and said, "I will...

Anjali Mudra

Anjali mudra  is a hand posture used in daily life and during most yoga practices. You may also know it as Namaste position, prayer hands, or simply pressing the palms together.  Anjali is a Sanskrit word which means, “to offer”, and the term mudra means...

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A Loving Kindness Meditation

We all have moments where we feel low and upset with ourselves and others. It's not a good feeling but we all experience it. This gentle loving kindness meditation is a helpful way to quickly nurture our compassionate nature.  Let's explore this simple yet effective practice...

The Four Elements of True Love 

Whilst reading about Buddhism and it’s take on true love I came across the four elements of true love. In this post I will detail those elements and discuss how we can apply them into our lives and relationships. Whether you’d like to develop a...

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