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Do We Need To Be Extraordinary?

Have you ever pondered on what seems like an ordinary existence and thought you were meant for more?

“You were born to do something great, to inspire, change, create, invent and revolutionise”

We all do.

Maybe many of us suffer from this condition of ‘self exceptionalism’ and when those desires of greatness are not fulfilled we feel down.

We can feel worthless and, god forbid, so unexceptionally ordinary.

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We have been conditioned through modern education and the media to believe that our self worth is defined by how intelligent, popular, rich, beautiful, idolised or how greatly praised we are.

From a young age this social construction of success has been conveyed to us as a life to be desired and something that makes us better than others and pretty exceptional.


This may be why an ordinary life and it’s day to day activities seem so inferior. But what if our true unique extraordinariness is finding a way to appreciate the ordinary, and create a life which consists of positive loving experiences with ourselves and others?


By reducing the pressure we put on ourselves to become ‘exceptional’ in the eyes of others, we can begin to enjoy ordinary everyday experiences. This practice of reflection can help us to appreciate that there can be something beautiful and fulfilling in the simple things that we may have previously taken for granted.

Walking through nature, engaging in conversations or listening to the sound of rain can help to create an internal emotional balance within ourselves whilst enhancing our wellbeing and mood. 

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Instead of creating narratives that a successful career, a marriage, a faster car or bigger house will make us significant, maybe we can start digging deeper and realise that we are already significant – we are alive on a journey to love, learn, explore and discover.

Over time we may appreciate that something ordinary can be exceptional too.


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