Founder x Yoga Instructor


Hi! I’m Priya and I’m a qualified Yoga Teacher.


Having practised Yoga for many years, I became inspired by the positives changes Yoga has had on my life. Yoga has the ability to physically and mentally strengthen while encouraging mindfulness practices and general wellbeing. Experiencing its impact on my life and my subsequent development – I became passionate about teaching others and helping them to benefit in the same way I did.

I have trained with Yoga London and Monasteries in Nepal and now teach Yoga and Meditation full time. This includes morning, evening and weekend group classes (in Stanmore, Harrow and Watford) aswell as individuals and groups from their own home and corporate clients


I have always been involved in work that aims to make the lives of others better, I have worked with children with autism, to working in primary education. After completing an MSc at the London School of Economics I found myself working in the Behavioural Science and Happiness Research Team, here I met some amazing names in positive psychology and I learned a great deal about well-being and happiness and the science behind it.



I wanted to apply this to schools and so I began a role at The Positive Education Network – An organisation working to transform education, to include a curriculum that applies lessons from positive psychology and wellbeing. From all these amazing experiences I have learned about the importance of looking after one’s mental health and wellbeing and the best ways to implement this in our day to day lives. 

The physical, mental and social benefits of Yoga can provide an enlightened approach to daily living, whilst also allowing us to push our bodies and minds to places where they may not go normally.



Interested in beginning or deepening your Yoga practice or just curious to find out more? You can get in touch and send me a message or give me a call and find out more. Even if it’s just for some advice or a friendly chat, I’d love to help.

Love, Priya x

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