Yoga & Soundbath

About the Event

Returning due to popular demand – A unique  Yoga and Sound bath Experience with Priya and Hina. 

Come with an open mind and heart space and experience:

? 45 minutes of relaxing yin style yoga combined with powerful breathwork and guided meditation 

? 60 minutes of sound healing with Tibetan singing bowls, a Universe Gong & Healing instruments


? Next Event

8-10 pm Friday, 19th November 2021

? Stonegrove, Edgware

? Tickets: £25

? Email or Call Me to pre-reserve your space


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*Strict COVID-19 Measures will be in place in accordance with latest government regulations: There will be large distances between mats, very limited numbers, the room will be ventilated, temperatures will be checked upon arrival, you will be required to bring your own mats. (full safety details will be sent to you)

Frequently Asked Questions

01 About the Event

The soft yin style yoga and meditation practice prepares the body for a sensory experience where sounds and vibrations lead the participant into a deep sense of wellbeing and calm.

This can help with reducing day to day stress & anxiety while improving your mood and energy levels.

02 What is Sound Therapy?

Sound therapy has been practised for over 40,000 years and is one of the oldest and natural forms of healing and relaxation

Just from our own experience we feel much calmer and soothed after we immerse ourselves in sounds such as near waves, rustling of leaves in the wind, and waterfalls

There is now an increase in scientific research into the benefits of sound healing on the cellular body and psychologically and due to this research sound is being frequently used as a healing modality.

03 What will I experience?

During the yoga and meditation practice, we will move through nourishing poses, explore powerful breath work and guided meditations.

You will then move on to the sound bath where the mind, body and spirit are bathed in sound promoting a deep sense of well being and inner peace. This is a time to relax, reflect, reconnect and replenish. The sound can create a sense of timelessness, unattachment, inspiring visions or colours, and can stimulate creativity.

It can also help clear blockages, open chakras and enable healing by re-aligning and harmonising the body by the sound going to where the body needs healing the most.

It is also known to improve sleep and clarity of mind, self-awareness and insight. Above all, it can create a deep state of relaxation by calming the mind and releasing tension.

You may hear a variety of sounds; singing bowls, chimes, rattles, drums, gong, vocal tones, mantras, each sound bath is unique. It is channelled to those present in the room and the intention is set at the start according to who is present.

It is different for everyone and unique each time. Please come with an open mind and feel safe and supported in the space that will be created for you.

04 About Priya & Hina

Priya; a wonderful blissful yoga teacher with years of yoga experience. She has also worked in the wellbeing research and policy sector working with some of the most well renowned positive psychologists in the world. She is currently studying buddhist philosophical texts on meditation with the Pullahari Monastery in Nepal.

Hina; is a qualified natural healing practitioner in many modalities and has over 15 years experience; reiki master, shamanic healer, ancestral healer, sound therapy, EFT practitioner, hypnotherapist, regression therapist, crystal therapist, aromatherapist, reflexologist, and many many more.

05 What will I need to bring & wear?

Please wear comfortable clothing, bring a blanket and cushion for your own comfort, it is your experience Body temperatures tend to drop in deeply relaxed states so please be comfy and warm. Mats will be provided but you are welcome to bring your own. 

Due to the nature of the event please arrive earlier, allowing time to unwind from your journey, settle into breath and relax.

Please turn off all devices and mobile phones or turn to airplane mode settings.

There will be light refreshments available at the end of the session.

Late arrivals will not be admitted due to the nature of the session disruption caused to those in relaxed states.

06 After the Event

You will be given some light refreshments. Drink plenty of water for next 24-48 hours to help facilitate further healing to take place and to flush out any toxins and to keep hydrated.

07 Precautions
  • Pregnant women in 1st trimester 
  • Tinnitus, menieres, epilepsy or any other condition which is ‘sound sensitive’ or could be triggered by sound. 
  • Anyone with metal implants, pins, screws, pacemakers etc (can resonate with the metal and also can change the rhythm of the pacemaker)
  • Anyone with serious mental health conditions 
  • Please let your facilitators know of any other health concerns they need to know about. 
  • It is advisable not to have heavy meals or alcohol beforehand.
08 Refund Policy

We are unable to offer refunds after this date but you are still able to transfer your ticket to a friend or family member at no extra cost. If you wish to do this please send us an email to confirm

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If you’d like attend, you can also purchase a ticket in any of our weekly classes together – or email or call me for more information.


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