5 Ways To Practice Mindfulness Daily


1. Spend Time in  Nature

Research suggests spending time in nature can improve mood, reduce stress and anxiety.  Take a mindful walk in a local park or woodland area. Make a list of some nice walking spots in your area or arrange a walk with some friends.


2. Meditate

Use music, breath, a candle or sounds around you to anchor you to the present moment. You can also use guided meditations; here is a link to a 10 minuted guided meditation video I made.  



3. Mindful Eating.

Whilst having meals set the intention to really pay attention to your experience. Notice your posture, the way the food looks, smells and tastes. How do you experience a meal? If you are eating with others, be mindful of them and the conversations.


4.  Put your phone on silent mode for at least 30 minutes

Do you find yourself checking your phone constantly? I do! Try putting your phone on aeroplane or silent mode for a minimum of 30 minutes. You can do this daily or as many times a week as you find it suitable. How does that feel?

5. Listen to music

Take 10 minutes out to just listen to some music, you can lay down or just find a relaxing position, and really engage with the sounds and how you experience them.


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