2 weeks at The Pullahari Monastery in Nepal TItle

2 weeks at The Pullahari Monastery in Nepal

Taming the Mind

As most of you may know I recently went on a 2 week meditation and philosophy course in Nepal, where I stayed at the beautiful Pullahari Monastery in Kathmandu. This course is part of a 5 year programme working through the teachings on: The 7 points on training the mind – a vital way to self-realisation (what that is I’m not entirely sure yet – but one day – maybe) 

I am and have always been fascinated and drawn to the idea that there is a way and a method to tame the mind (not that we turn into zombies who have no emotions or thoughts) but to me, this means taking back control of thoughts, emotions and our own wellbeing. It is also a concept and practice that can be used alongside any spiritual or religious beliefs.

We are all on the same boat

The teachings and meditations were all centred around the concept that we are all in the same boat. At some point we share similar heartaches, pains, sufferings, we get jealous, angry and sometimes can be greedy and mean – and that is ok, we are human, but eventually, these negative emotional states can hurt ourselves and others around us. 

Through various meditation and self-reflection practices, we can begin to notice and understand our thoughts, we begin to understand ourselves a little better and through that, we generate love, kindness, and compassion towards ourselves which eventually begins to extend outwards to those around us. 

Teaching and Self-reflections at the Pullahari Monastery

Overall I spent 100 + hours meditating, studying and reflecting on this idea of taming the mind and generating ‘Bodhichitta’ (which simplified is loving-kindness and compassion for all beings).

I learnt a lot from a Buddhist monk / my teacher on the course at Pullahari Monastery – Drupon Khenpo.  His teachings were hard-hitting, his words left me inspired and the essence of his teachings was very profound. 

Like most people, I am still on the tip of the iceberg when it comes to self-exploration and taming my often busy mind but we can all start somewhere and the best place to start is  where you are. 

Meditation in our classes 

So if this is something that interests you, I hope I can take you through this journey in our classes where we can explore simple meditation techniques together and see what benefits this can bring to our day to day experiences. 

In the next few weeks we will begin with the foundation of meditation practices. Some of you may be familiar with it and it is concentration on the breath, simple ‘Shamatha’ Meditation, this technique involves finding a quiet place, taking a comfortable seated position and focusing on the movement of your breath.

It is a method used to find tranquillity, peace and bring ourselves to the present moment. 

This focus on breath is something we usually try and explore in our yoga practice but we will look at it in more practical detail in our upcoming Stanmore, Harrow & Watford sessions.

If you have any questions or want to know more feel free to get in touch or give me a call.


  • Naina

    December 5, 2018 at 5:07 pm

    Hi I am interested in going to pulahari monastery to learn
    How can I do that
    Do you do one to one sessions

  • J

    February 9, 2019 at 11:08 am

    Big love from Hong Kong!

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