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5 Reasons To Start Yoga

A lot of people think yoga is just stretching when really yoga is a great all rounded form of exercise.  In yoga you are introduced to a complex range of poses that work on numerous muscle groups to help strengthen, tone and increase flexibility. A regular yoga practice will transform your body and mind. Although there are many benefits here are 5 benefits of a regular yoga practice.

1. Strength

Yoga helps to build strength. In a study, researchers found that one hour of yoga 3 days a week brought substantial gains in strength. It won’t rapidly bulk you up like doing weights might but it will definitely strengthen your muscles and tone them too!

2. Flexibility

Yoga helps to increase flexibility.  The different poses work on a number of key muscle groups lengthening and stretching. In just a few weeks of regular practice you will notice substantial increases in flexibility! Flexibility exercises help to lengthen and stretch muscles this helps to prevent injuries  such as back pain because a well-stretched muscle achieves its full range of motion. In day to day life a flexible body makes it easier  in daily activities such as reaching, bending, or stooping  – make your life more comfortable by including a regular yoga practice into your life.

3. Yoga Burns calories

Ashtanga and power yoga classes are great for burning calories – these type of yoga classes will leave you sweating! Eventually all types of yoga practice help people to develop a healthier lifestyle. Yoga makes people feel good about themselves and eventually this good feeling trickles down to food and lifestyle habits!

4. Improves your posture

Modern life conspires against good posture. We can spend our days sitting at desks, staring at computer screens. Even travelling takes its toll!  Yoga help to drastically improve posture. Science shows that having a good posture keeps bones and joints in the correct alignment so that muscles are being used properly. Good posture also helps decrease the abnormal wearing of joint surfaces and decreases the stress on the ligaments that are holding the joints of the spine together!

Find out more about the benefits of a good posture here. 

5. Improves Breathing

Yoga encourages deeper controlled breath. There are a number of different breathing exercises and practices introduced in yoga classes. These practices help to reduce anxiety, lower/stabilise blood pressure, increase energy levels, relax muscles and reduce feelings of stress.

You’ve read about the benefits: now experience them for yourself. Join a local class or treat yourself to a private class and transform your life for the better. 


  • Viru

    August 21, 2017 at 7:44 pm

    Just want to know where you do yoga and what time. And also how much you charge.
    I leave in Kingsbury.

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